Beautiful Mendocino

The Sawyers traveled north over Memorial Day weekend to visit beautiful Mendocino, California. Despite one rainy morning (which actually turned out to be a lot of fun) we had a fantastic time! We were stunned by the sheer beauty of the coastline and enjoyed a few leisurely strolls in charming downtown Mendocino. We were especially taken by the golden fields that dominated the landscape. Steph often joked (or was she?) that she was ready to leave the hustle and bustle of Santa Cruz behind in favor of the sleepy north coast! We were never at a loss for picturesque scenery and came home with more photos than we knew what to do with! Here are a few that we hope you enjoy. Mendocino Ca Mendocino, Ca Mendocino CaMendocino CaMendocino Ca Mendocino CaMendocino CaMendocino CaMendocino Ca Mendocino Ca Mendocino Ca